About Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Sector is growing at an accelerating rate, it is the health care profession that deals with manufacturing, quality assurance and control and ensures the effective use of life saving drugs. The Indian Pharmacy Industry is the third largest in the world and requires industry ready professionals as the health sector is witnessing a tremendous growth. There are a broad range of opportunities available to pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. They can participate in research and development, quality assurance, drug information, sales, marketing, regulatory affairs or clinical trials.
Why Student Choose Pharmacy?

The pharmacy sector offers lots of career opportunities to the students after the completion of the course. The students can practice as a pharmacist or work in pharmaceutical company. There is huge number of opportunities available for the students in both at government hospitals, private hospitals/clinics and private medical shops. In pharmaceutical company, you can work in departments such as quality control, manufacturing, packing marketing, production, etc. You can also start your own consultancies & medical shop.
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