Prativa Educational &amop; Charitable Trust, registered on 2005 with the objective of providing relief and solace to the poor and needy, mainly in charitable and education field. The emphasis is on Health Education, Welfare of Women, Children and Other Weaker sections of the society including Disable, Retarded and Discarded people. Over the years, the PECT has earned a reputation for itself by fulfilling the educational aspirations of many and self-providing relief through its pioneering activities in educational and charity fields and by running organisations and institutions of international quality. The many educational institutions setup by the PECT shave become the most preferred choice for the students in the region for their excellent infrastructure and exceptional quality of teaching. The social service organisations run by the PEC Trust have brought hope and happiness to many children and families. The PECTis constantly on the lookout for new avenues to channelize its energy and resources addressing newer needs and aspirations of the society and in service of humanity.

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