About MPH

About MPH

                 Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a multidisciplinary professional degree focused on the application of science, research and theoretical knowledge toward the prevention of disease. This program prepares students for promising careers providing evidence-based solutions to complex health issues. With an MPH, you can analyze data, shape policies, monitor public health threats, and conduct impactful health research.

Why Student Choose MPH

An MPH can open the door to higher-paying jobs with more responsibilities. Many hospitals and health care facilities require that job candidates have a master’s degree. Considering the long-term salary potential in these leadership roles, obtaining an MPH is worth the cost in time and finances. The job market for graduates with an MPH in environmental health remains healthy, due to an increasing number of environmental and workplace health issues. Positions are available in universities, public and private companies, governmental departments, and non-governmental organizations.

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