I feel blessed to be a part of PGI. Not only academia, but also the co-curricular activities help us to discover more about ourselves. There is no ragging and environment here is very comfortable. Supportive principal, teachers, well structured classes, and good quality of education completes the PGI. Proud to be an PGIian.
BPT 1st Year Student
PGI is a Pioneer institute which focuses on the overall development of the students and takes pride in providing the best in terms of faculty, structured curriculum and congenial environment so that the students make a mark wherever they go on the globe.
Tanushree Sarkar
Tanushree Sarkar
PRATIVA true to its name is a path to enlightening practical knowledge, scientific subject oriented wisdom and vast learning opportunities in the field through year round camps and workshops . It provides a platform for honing creative talent with a plus of developing competitive spirit in adjunction with academics and propels us- the staff as well as students- towards a constant yearning to achieve perfection, keeping in alignment with its humane approach in a pretty safe and encouraging environment.
Soumyashree Muduli
IInd year Bsc Nursing Student.
Can positively say PGI is making me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and also discover more about myself with the help of activities like Ripples and Zenith. Personally, being surrounded by such friendly and like - minded teachers and well structured classes allows me to plan out what i need to study while the continuous assessments keep me on my toes.
Rajendra Sahoo
III year GNM Student.



The institution believes that without good discipline it would not be possible to win academic laurels. Hence the students are instructed to maintain strict discipline to achieve greater heights not only when they are in the campus but also wherever they are in future.

  • Students are required to maintain not only good academic progress but also high discipline in the campus.
  • Any student found guilty of Eve-teasing ( any kind of physical or mental harassment) will be EXPELLED from the college .
  • Cleanliness of the campus is important. Students should throw the garbage only in the dust-bins provided and should not spit / litter on the walls and floor.
  • Students responsible for loss of damage of the institute property will be severely punished.
  • Students are not permitted to possess or use mobile phones inside the college campus.


  • To give due respect to the National Anthem, College Anthem Prayer song, faculty, staff, and other elders.
  • To be patient and kind while dealing with patients.
  • To maintain a cordial relationship with others.
  • To be punctual for all theory, clinical postings, laboratory and meetings.
  • Students Should wear uniform on all the working days of college.
  • Not to possess cell phones during class hours and clinical postings.
  • To maintain decent dress code (Prescribed Uniforms).
  • To be with white apron and identity card when in the college and in the hospital campus.
  • To maintain the campus eco – friendly.
  • To conserve energy by switching off fans and lights when not in use.
  • All the students should have 100% attendance in theory and Practicals.
  • Students are also required to meet the policies and procedures at the clinical sites and adhere to the strict code.
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