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Dress Code

A dress code helps in creating a sense of uniformity in an institution which is inhabited by people belonging to diverse culture and economic backgrounds. Students are required to adhere to their defined dress code while engaging in academic activities in the campus. No student shall be permitted to attend classes without proper uniform.


Minimum physical attendance should be complied as applicable by the University/ board. Any student not fulfilling the required attendance shall not be allowed to appear in internal and in the external examinations, as well this will be strictly followed in accordance to University/Board rules & regulations.

FEE Refund

After commencement of the course- no refund of the registration, admission and tuition fee would be permitted. * Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances at all.

Punishment against Ragging….

  • Fir will be filed with the local police.
  • Suspension/expulsion from attending classes.
  • Suspension/expulsion from the Hostel.
  • Cancellation of admission.
  • Fine of Rs. 25,000.

Hostel Rules

  • Hostel fee is to be paid in advance at the start of each session.
  • Two- wheeler is not permitted in the hostel.
  • Vacating hostel not allowed in middle of an academic session.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found including committing or abetting in the ragging shall be punished/ rusticated/ expelled/ suspended from the institute.
  • Hostel fee will not be refundable in any case of expulsion from hostel by the management.
  • Shifting of furniture from one room to another is not allowed without taking any permission.
  • Electrical appliances of any type are not to be used in the room.
  • No interchange of room is permitted without the written permission of the Hostel warden.
  • Gambling, smoking, consumption of liquor or any intoxicants inside or outside the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • During class timing the students are not allowed to stay in the hostel rooms.

                    Students taking part directly/ indirectly in any movement or agitation or strike in the institute for any reason whatsoever will be punished, rusticated or expelled.

General Rules

  • Students who turn up late for the classes, practicals, Seminars, etc. shall not be allowed to attend the same.
  • Students are expected to carry their ID card with them throughout.
  • Mobile is strictly banned in the campus.
  • In the library strict discipline and rules are to be followed.
  • If any student is found creating nuisance in or around the campus, strict action shall be taken against him/her as per the rules.
  • Students should attend the minimum prescribed number of classes in each semester without relaxation on any ground.
  • Students bringing two wheelers/four wheelers to the Institute must carry their driving License, Insurance paper Helmet most importantly
  • Gambling, Smoking, consumption of liquor, use of Gutka, use of Suparee or mouth freshner, Chewing gum or any other intoxicants inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Any act taken by students which adversely affect the academic ambience of the institute, shall not be tolerated and strict actions will be initiated.
  • In case, delay in payment of fees/ charges on due date, the institute have right to charge Rs.100/- per day as fine for 10 days and after that minimum fine of Rs 5000/- will be levied with the fee till one month.
  • Students should act themselves registered on the date of registration announced for each semester. No excuse for the delay in any case shall be entertained.
  • Any changes in course eligibility, course duration, course name, fee structure, seat reservations and university examination fee by the competent authorities will be binding on the students and has to be followed by them and after that the name of the student will be de- registered &in case of not clearing dues.
  • Students are required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the institute.
  • Ragging is a criminal offense. Ragging in all its forms within or outside the campus is totally banned and will be dealt as per honorable Supreme Court Rules Regulations.


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