About Pharmacy

About Pharmacy

Pharmacy Sector is growing at an accelerating rate, it is the health care profession that deals with manufacturing, quality assurance and control and ensures the effective use of life saving drugs. The Indian Pharmacy Industry is the third largest in the world and requires industry ready professionals as the health sector is witnessing a tremendous growth. There are a broad range of opportunities available to pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. They can participate in research and development, quality assurance, drug information, sales, marketing, regulatory affairs or clinical trials.

Why Student Choose Pharmacy?

Students opt for Pharmacy at Prativa Group of Institutions for its cutting-edge curriculum and comprehensive approach. The institution integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, fostering a holistic understanding of pharmaceutical sciences. With state-of-the-art facilities and expert faculty, students delve into drug development, clinical pharmacy, and research, preparing them for dynamic industry demands. Prativa’s emphasis on practical learning through internships and industry collaborations cultivates real-world skills crucial for success. The institution’s supportive environment encourages innovation, propelling students to explore advancements in healthcare. Thus, aspiring pharmacists choose Prativa Group of Institutions for its quality education, industry relevance, and a pathway to a thriving career in pharmaceutical sciences.

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