About Physiotherapy

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, a highly developed discipline in the developed nations of the world, is yet to get its due importance in India. The demand for physiotherapists is expected to be exponential in the coming years mainly due to the growth of health infrastructure and the privatization of medical care in India. The growth in sports infrastructure in the country also suggests a greater demand for physiotherapists, in dealing with sports injuries and its prevention. Physiotherapy is kind of a super specialization in the medicine profession and services of a physiotherapist are required by people of all levels in the society.

Why Student Choose Physiotherapy ?

The field of physiotherapy has now cast its magnificent rays to make a dawn in the lives of the people with physical ailments. There is a great demand for Physiotherapists in hospitals. Either they can work independently in hospitals or can work in a team. They can work as Osteopath, Assistant Physiotherapist, Researcher, Sports Physio Rehabilitator and Therapy Manager. They are the number of opportunities in government hospitals, rehabilitation centres, sports clinic, nursing homes, private care centres, mental health centres and community health centres and they can also start their own clinic.

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